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:  roseland
:  £650,000
:  tbc
:  design

/Walmer creates a contextual replacement dwelling on the edge of a Hertiage farmstead, located in the heart of the AONB. 

Designed through deep site and place setting analysis, the building takes on the form of a series of farm buildings. The materials pallette further roots the proposal to its surroundings. This ideology allows for change to take place - in this case using the former site of a 1960's farm hands bungalow and creating a future proofed family modern family home.

A scheme designed through evolution and consultation; firstly with the surrounding built and natural environment through mass model making and materials swatch boards. Then with the local Parish and the AONB unit through pre-application.

The scheme looks to explore a net zero carbon build typology. With reuse of many of the existing materials that came from the bungalow, rock and stone that came from the site, natural insulation and local recyclable cladding to finish. With a client as passionate about regenerative design as us, they pushed us to explore the buildings carbon footprint, embodied energies and how it will perform in PHPP.

Developing at the pace one would expect for such an exemplar project, the journey is being enjoyed by all knowing the outcome will be that much sweeter.

Studio Gather - Walmer - Front entrance render.jpg
Studio Gather - Walmer - Cladding to roof.jpg
Studio Gather - Walmer - Farmstead
Studio Gather - Walmer - Coast Path.jpg
Studio Gather - Walmer - Window Corner Sketch.jpg
Studio Gather - Walmer - Church.jpg
Studio Gather - Model making V2.png
Studio Gather - Model making V1.png
Studio Gather - Model making V3.png
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