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/court farmhouse

Studio Gather - Court Farmhouse - BW Ske





:  gwennap
:  £75-100,000
:  Greenstone Construction
:  on-site

/Court Farmhouse endeavors to connect the tranquil verdant garden with the classic Cornish building.

Traditional materials and local detailing create a project that connects with its surroundings in more ways than one. 

Comprising of a series of additions across two floors, the scheme explores long-established design detailing to deliver a simple proposal.  

Set in an idyllic rural village, in close proximity to a Listed Church and oozing characteristics of a postcard Cornish Cottage, the concept had reacted to this from the outset.

Plans include; connecting a kitchen/dining room to a loved outdoor space through a new ground floor addition and a re-formatting of a tired dormer to increase the usable footprint on the first floor.

Studio Gather - Court Farmhouse - Sketch V2
Studio Gather - Court Farmhouse - Rear Render
Studio Gather - Court Farmhouse - Rear Montage
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