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Masita - BW Initial Sketch - Studio Gather - Mawnan Smith.png





:  Mawnan smith
:  circa £180k
:  JB Construction
:  on site

/Masitas project brief stretched beyond just a need for space. It put the environment first, from the materials it wanted to use to the longevity of the building and its overall performance - insulation, air tightness, high performance windows and doors, wood fibre products and locally grown timber.

Further to this, understanding how the existing home could become adaptive, allowing for shared use with an older relative.

Our clients' vision has grown from the interest in the works of Carpenter Oak and Rodrick James, which forms a proposal to create an addition that harnesses natural materials, natural light and natural landscape to allow for a simple but delightful new space to the family home.

A rear vaulted extension adds this to the house, connecting it to the outside and flooding the living space with natural light. The additional space also allows for a recognising of the layout to create a self contained annex within the floor plan for 'mum'.

The practice has been really impressed by the clients dedication to the use of truly 'good to the planet' materials along with 'camping' in the back garden for most of the build to save more money to put into their ethos - no corners were cut here -  Planet first! 

Masita - Initial Sketch - Studio Gather - Mawnan Smith.jpg

/sustainable attributes

A drive to have a building that has low to no running costs and that is insulated with natural materials. The 'good for the planet' principles have been followed through from floor materials and even using 'vegan paint'.


/A highly insulated extension along with full insulated upgrade to the existing building 

/retrofit first principles 
/MVHR for circulation of fresh warm air and little heat loss

/improved air tightness with new membranes added to the existing floor, walls and roof and all taped together

/triple glazed windows and doors with specific detailing to reduce thermal bridging 

/non 'off-gassing' internal fit out products 

/landscaped garden for increased biodiversity 

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Masita - Floor Plan - Studio Gather - Mawnan Smith.jpg
Whitagram-Image 77.JPG
Nighttime copy.jpg
Whitagram-Image 78.JPG
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Masita - Scaffold - Studio Gather - Mawnan Smith.JPG
Studio Gather - Masita - Render Version
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