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A reworked floor plan to allow flow through the spaces, changes to window and door openings to connect the house better with its views and garden, along with a extension (phase 2), were all proposed.

The scheme has now been completed through two seasons and the clients have feedback a noticeable difference in how the building is working. Much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with lower energy bills.

The building ticks a lot of boxes when looking at reuse of a building or 'retrofit first', creating a forever home that is good for the plant and good for ones pocket.





:  falmouth
:  £250k
:  samuel Winn Construction 
:  complete

/Dialling into the detail on performance and cost control was key when exploring the brief for Boslowen .

The scheme aimed to update the building for its 1960's origins into a cutting edge, sustainable beach house. This meant looking at the buildings fabric to create a visual change and a performance change when thinking of heat loss.

STUDIO gather - Boslowen - First Look.jpg
STUDIO gather - Boslowen -  entrance front.jpg
STUDIO/gather - Boslowen - Falmouth - Retrofit.jpg

/sustainable attributes

A client brief to 'bring down the heating bills' and 'harness the free suns heat'. Unfortunaly, the existing building was showing its age in terms of thermal performance and with rising fuel prices, keeping a property of this size cozy in the winter was proving an expensive operation. Secondly, the existing large south facing windows would let a huge amount of the suns heat in the summer - making the building too hot - and would let out a lot of the buildings heat in the winter - making them quite uncomfortable to site near. We took a fabric first approach to uplift the property and also add a more modern design aesthetic. 


/Full fabric thermal upgrade with external wall insulation and new thick loft insulation.

/State of the art triple glazed windows with ventilation panels for night cooling if required.
/Integrated solar panels on the roof and battery storage.

/Preparation for phase two including ASHP which works with the newly installed under floor heating.

/Mechanical heat recovery ventilation system to reduce heat loss through extract and achieve a fresh and comfortable internal air quality.

STUDIO gather - Boslowen - phase 1 garden view.JPG
STUDIO gather - Boslowen -  - view.JPG
STUDIO gather - Boslowen - Roof.JPG
Boslowen - Studio Gather - Falmouth Works on Site garden complete.jpg
Boslowen - Studio Gather - Falmouth Works complete garden.jpg
STUDIO gather - Boslowen -  garden palm.jpg
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