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/Rockpools presents the perfect balance between work and life. A beach chalet that encompasses the relaxed surf shack vibes with a clean crisp New England style.  





:  gwithian towans
:  £120-170,000
:  Burroughs Construction
:  on-site

Studio Gather - Rockpools - Initial Sketch BW
Studio Gather - Rockpools - Sketch V1

The proposal extends to create more space whilst also focusing on updating the overall appearance to inject a little life into a tired facade.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding coastal setting brought together a material and colour palette. The use of natural materials and muted hues gives a timeless feel which is more robust giving longevity to this holiday home.

The journey from the surf - where do the boards live, how to dive from outside shower to inside warmth, and what to do with eight wet wetsuits? featured in shaping the brief.

Studio Gather - Rockpools - Front View
Studio Gather - Rockpools - Rear
Rockpools- Studio Gather v1.JPG
Rockpools Studio Gather v2.JPG
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