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Studio Gather - Trepencis - Initial Sketch.jpeg





:  marazion
:  £80-120,000
:  tbc
:  on-site

/Trepencis uses acupuncture architecture as a response to extension and renovation. Designing a proposal that keeps the zest of the cottage and the craft that is found in it and around it. Linking with the outdoors, and giving the new works to the house an extended lease of life. 

Providing a scheme that is suited to its Conservation setting and remains in budget - be that phased or not.

Set in the idyllic coastal location of Marazion, in close proximity to the famous St Michaels Mount and with views of sprawling Cornish beaches.

Plans include; rationalising the entrance and arrival utility arrangement and storage kitchen/hang out with access to courtyard/outdoor space workshop for woodworking and a studio for haberdashery.

Studio Gather - Trepencis - Render Street View
Studio Gather - Render - Trepencis V8.png
Studio Gather - Render - Trepencis V3.png
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