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/knowle farm barn

Studio Gather - Knowle Farm - Initial Sketch





:  north/west devon
:  £300,000+
:  bude construction
:  on-site

/Knowle Farm Barn creates a family home out of a redundant barn under Permitted Development Rights.

A reuse and repurpose of the existing agricultural barns presented the ability to form a new house in a rural location. 


Retaining the core building values - form, materiality, and position - gave direction to the conceptual layouts and redesign. Using the sites topography to create a split level floor plan with vaulted living spaces facing south opening onto an inset courtyard.


Low energy credentials and future-proof design criteria are driving the technical detailing. Using ground source heat pumps, solar renewables, and bore hole water to create an ‘off-grid’ new dwelling that reuses an existing structure.

Studio Gather - Knowle Farm - Rear Sketch
Studio Gather - Knowle Farm - Chickens
Studio Gather - Knowle Farm - Front Sketch
Studio Gather - Knowle Farm - Rear Render
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